Proceeds from the sale of Smiling Blue Skies Arts, are donated to The Smiling Blue Skies ® Cancer Fund, for the treatment and research of cancer in companion animals, and the building of Canada's Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation, University of Guelph, Veterinary College and Teaching Hospital Pet Trust.

Smiling Blue Skies products are not limited to what you see here.

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Your Name in Brights Art

Your Name In Brights

Suzi's "envelope art" has always been popular, and now, you can have your very own, made to order surprize of colour and fantasy. Choose a name and Suzi will create something special, just for you.

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Limited Edition Art

"Cancer Breaks" and Limited Editions Art

Suzi's artistic works are one of a kind, and can be as small as a baseball or hockey trading card, or cover the entire side of a house, but one thing always remains the same. Each piece of art represents a precious person or pet whose life has been touched by cancer. Suzi's intricate work, big or small, has been described as being reminiscent of a stained glass window or a piece of needlepoint. Often, she includes found objects, from a piece of vintage jewelry that tells a special story all its own, or a shell, whose delicate shape speaks to Suzi of enduring love and hope.

Proceeds from the sale of all Suzi's artwork fund cancer treatment and research, and the building of Canada's Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation.

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