Limited Edition Art

Please contact Suzi for pricing. Limited Edition stickers, that are UV protected and suitable for framing, cost as little as $2. Contact Suzi for your very own ATC portrait, with prices beginning at $50.00. All prices include taxes and shipping, in Canada and the United States.

Suzi's artistic works are one of a kind, and can be as small as a baseball or hockey trading card, or cover the entire side of a house, but one thing always remains the same. Each piece of art represents a precious person or pet whose life has been touched by cancer. Suzi's intricate work, big or small, has been described as being reminiscent of a stained glass window or a piece of needlepoint. Often, she includes found objects, from a piece of vintage jewelry that tells a special story all its own, or a shell, whose delicate shape speaks to Suzi of enduring love and hope.

Proceeds from the sale of all Suzi's artwork fund cancer treatment and research, and the building of Canada's Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation.

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