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Dreams are our Touch Stones. Touch Stones are healing to mind, body, and spirit, amplifying positive energy. Celebrate your special dreams with a Touch Stone, that you can add to anything, from a favourite purse to your pet's collar.

Moonstone helps to awaken receptivity and intuition, and can bring emotional balance. It inspires flexibility, nurturing, and wisdom.

Amber is often called the stone of life and has been recognized as a healing stone since ancient times.

Rose Quartz Crystal is the cornerstone of the heart Chakra. Its energy is essential to self-fulfillment and inner peace. Rose Quartz Crystal manifests a calm vibration and healing power.

Clear Quartz Crystal enhances good overall health . . . mind, body, spirit. It channels healing, dispels negativity, and amplifies positive energy.

Lapis Lazuli is recognized as a stone of truth and friendship and brings harmony to relationships. Lapis is also a healing and soothing stone, and its deep blue colour reflects its peaceful vibrations.

Amethyst s known as a power and protection stone, and it has been used for centuries, to open the spiritual and psychic centres. Amethyst is often worn by healers, to focus energy, and it is especially strong, when combined with silver.

Garnet brings constancy to friendships. It is recognized as a stone of purity and truth, and is a symbol of compassion. Garnet enhances spiritual awareness.

Turquoise is recognized as one of the master healing stones, and is also known as the stone of communication. Turquoise helps to release negative energy, calms the nerves, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Carnelian s recognized for its healing, spiritual, and creative qualities. It is often referred to as a power stone, enhancing overall physical ability. The Egyptians combined Carnelian with Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli, as they believed that it would prevent anger, envy, and hatred.

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