Smiling Blue Skies - Bracelets

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the new pieces of jewelry we'll be adding to Smilingblueskies 

All "Smiling Blue Skies Jewelry" pieces are one of a kind.
Each piece is made just for you, with pure and precious fine silver.
Choose 1 of 10 semi-precious stones, to add to your special piece.
Prices include taxes and shipping within Canada and the United States.

Charm for Bracelet - $pending - includes taxes and shipping, in Canada and the United States. Charms are made by hand, from start to finish, and will be embossed with your special name or message, for an additional $pending.


"On a wing and a prayer" WordWear from Smiling Blue Skies Jewelry

This is part of a mini-collection called "On a wing and a prayer."

Each circle is .999 pure fine silver, and hidden words are captured amidst swirls of texture.
The small hand crafted tag, is also .999 pure fine silver.
On the back of each piece it says, "On a wing and a prayer."
You can wear whole piece as a pendant, or wear each charm separately, as a zipper pull or even added to a purse.
Beautiful wings are in Sterling silver or bronze.
A gorgeous blue multi-faceted Swarovski crystal finishes each piece, and is a delight to the eye.


Beautiful Sterling silver chains are available for Smiling Blue Skies Jewelry.

14 inch and 16 inch Sterling silver chains are $.... (pricing and information pending)

18 inch and 20 inch Sterling silver chains are $.... (pricing and information pending)

Special orders are welcome for other chains.

Pick a semi-precious stone to add special pizzazz to your one of a kind jewlery.


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